We care
for our environment

A factor that drives the Nioulargo brand to innovate and remain on top technological developments is by always considering the environment that we live in, work in and provide to our customers. We have therefore chosen to set clear directions to create our first collection of coats.

Our Wool

Our wool is sustainable. Caring for our future also implies caring for the planet. When choosing merino wool, you’re being environmentally friendly, because it’s a renewable, recyclable and biodegradable natural fiber.

nioulargo duffel coat red 7088 BW
nioulargo accessories detail

Our coats are traditionally
handmade in Italy.

We produce in Italy where labor conditions are fair, the transport and travel distances are minimized so that we make sure not to create any unnecessary environmental impact.

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nioulargo duffel coat red 7088
nioulargo pea coat red detail
nioulargo pea coat red stretched

Our packaging material is made of recycled materials no plastics are added to transport our products to you. The boxes are made of recycled carton, the wrapping, stickers and tape of recycled paper.